The central area of Edinburgh is called New Town. It was built in stages between 1767 and 1850 and it's considered to be the masterpiece of city planning. Along with Old Town, this part of the city is designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site as it retains much of its original neo-classical and Georgian period architecture. The idea of this part of town arose after overcrowding of Old Town city walls reached their breaking point. The Loch was drained and and through stages, the district was developed moving tenets northwards into grand Georgian homes on wide roads.

The principal street is George Street and it connects St Andrew Square and Charlotte Square and it's known as 'the city's most prestigious shopping district.' The statues of King George IV and William Pitt among others are located here. The original character of this Georgian era town is evident still within its cobbled roads, grandiose pillars, sandstone block facades and decorative friezes and trimmings on the buildings. Embrace your time here and explore all the nooks and crannies of this fantastic neighborhood with the most sensational, sexy companion, an escort in New Town.

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Visit the The Stand Comedy Club and Bar Cafe just off of St. Andrew Square. During the week they nurture up and coming comedians, but on the weekend they have bigger comedians on the bill. See what Scottish style comedy is like and be entertained in this cabaret style theatre space. If you're in town during the Edinburgh Fringe then you're right on time for comedy in a big way. There are around 3,314 shows in 313 venues across the city. August is a sleepless month of live performances!

Go have a drink at the popular watering hole known as Thistle Street Bar. This fantastic pub is also a venue during the Edinburgh Fringe. Have a glass of quality beer at a fair price and then chat it up with colorful locals and the friendly staff. Cheers!

Check out the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and see the visual history of Scotland told through the portraits of those iconic figures that shaped it. The admission is free, unless it's a special exhibit!

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