The capital of Scotland is a wonderful place to visit or to live in the country, so it’s not surprising that it’s the home of many people who enjoy getting to know one another! What’s so interesting about Edinburgh? Well, it is filled with restaurants, landmarks and shopping centres where you can buy the latest fashion gear; that is what makes the city so interesting!

Like many major districts in any country, the capital city is packed full of historical landmarks and touristic hotspots that would make your holiday or leisure time special. Therefore, if you’re thinking about travelling to Scotland by train, you should make sure that your destination is at Edinburgh Waverley.Though the train station may have lost its place as the busiest railway station to London Waterloo, it doesn’t make it any less special. This is due to the fact that it has an abundance of little cafés where you can have a lovely cup of coffee with a hot escort. It’s an area that you have to add to your list of ‘places to visit before you die’!


If you ask a local person about the history of the station, she would tell you that it’s the first major station that was ever built in the city. In 2006, the complex has been refurbished so it would attract many travellers and commuters to visit Edinburgh from all over the United Kingdom.

Not only is the complex filled with shops and restaurants, it is also surrounded by them too! Some of the city’s most important landmarks, the Scott Monument and the Edinburgh Dungeon are located just outside of the station. Be careful if you’re going to enter the dungeon though, it may be the home of a kinky dominatrix! However, not everyone would like to see these historical places in their spare time.

You can always walk over to the Princes Mall Shopping Centre, where you could buy a special gift for a special lady! If you need a place to stay for the night but you don’t want to be far away from the station, the Old Waverley Hotel would be able to provide you with a vintage room to sleep in. Nevertheless, you should make sure that you book a room for two, because you may end up getting acquainted with a private escort in Edinburgh Waverley who would love to give you a soothing massage and a night of pleasure!


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