The town of Dunbar is located in the council area of East Lothian and on the southeast coast of Scotland. It's only 45 kilometres east of Edinburgh and just 45 kilometers from the English Border. The town's name is Gaelic and it means 'summit fort.' The town has gained a reputation as a seaside holiday and golfing resort. This bright and breezy burgh is a lovely place to feel joy so make the most of your time here by booking an escort in Dunbar.

This area is rich with a terrific amount of prehistory. During archaeological excavations a Mesolithic house was uncovered and it's thought to be from circa 9th Millennium BC.!Make some history of your own while you're in this magical region. Book a dominatrix and explore a kinky desire with a hot courtesan. An exotic, erotic woman makes for the perfect kinky accomplice so book her spicy companionship and turn the temperature up!

The local climate is said to be one of the few places in Scotland to exceed 1,500 hours of sunshine annually. Due to its geographic location, this town receives less rain and more hours of direct sun than anywhere else in the county. Soak up the sun and shine brighter with an elite, discreet lady.


Get a game of golf in at Winterfield Golf Course. Their spectacular course is set against the backdrop of the sea so you'll be surrounded by an epic panorama. Take your best shot on their pristine course and then treat yourself to a stiff drink or a delightful meal at the clubhouse.

Check out the delicious Belhaven Brewery. There are awesome tours available of their modern day working brewery. They'll show you all you need to know about the 19th century production of beer. There's a great bar for tastings and the experience is mouth watering!

Take a dip in the Dunbar Leisure Pool located in Castle Park. This pool is amazing. There's a slide, a bubble machine and a wave machine. In Scotland's sunniest town, catch some rays as you play in the waves.

For a terrific place to rest while you're in town stay at the comfortable Dunmuir Hotel. Enjoy the finer things in life like a quality relaxation and a sensual massage from an elite, discreet woman!

For the best pizza in town eat at Umberto's located on 121 High Street. This tasty gem has the best pie and their staff is super great. Enjoy a slice or a whole pie and go ahead and take it down to the water and watch the sun go down!


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