Sometimes, when you’re thinking of spending your vacation time in a brilliant country like Scotland, it can be difficult to choose which fantastic region you’d like to discover and explore, due to the fact that there so many fantastic regions for you to go to!

Nevertheless, if you ask a Scottish native which wonderful council area you should visit this year, they would tell you to book a hotel somewhere in East Ayrshire. And if you ask him which lovely town you should discover in East Ayrshire, he would tell you to go and wander around Stewarton. Not only would you be surrounded by history and landmarks, but also gorgeous escorts that would be more than happy to spend a bit of quality time with you!


The town is considered to be a haven for people who love to revel in peace and tranquillity in their spare time; it doesn’t have any skyscrapers, shopping centres or touristic landmarks that would make you feel a little claustrophobic! If anything, the town is a place where you can fill your stomach up to its fullest!

The ‘Oriental Palace’, the ‘Jacks’ Café and the ‘Granary Bar & Restaurant’ serve you the most delicious food in town that’s always accompanied with friendly customer service. Even though there isn’t a hotel or bed & breakfast for you to sleep in the district, an escort in Stewarton wouldn’t say no to an exciting and eventful night with you. The Fenwick Hotel is the venue that's closest to the town, which can provide you with a room that’s big enough for you and your ideal courtesan to say in for the night!


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