The town of Portlethen sits just seven miles to the south of the city of Aberdeen, close to a number of fishing villages, and has become known as a beautiful tourist destination for those seeking somewhere off the beaten track. As it is a coastal town, you can spend the evening in a restaurant enjoying a delicious meal before walking down to the water's edge and taking in the scenery. Want to have an unforgettable time in the area? Book to meet with an independent escort in Portlethen and you will have the best time.


One of the most popular destinations in the town is Portlethen Golf Club. Here you will find a challenging 18 hole course to take on, and it offers great views of the area. Beginners can take their time working around the course, learning the different tricks it has up its sleeve, while the expert golfers can press on to the more difficult challenges that lay ahead. After a fun day out on the course, you might want to head to the clubhouse, where you'll find a well stocked bar that is open between 11 in the morning and 11 at night, with longer hours on the weekends. What more could you ask for from a top location like this?

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Sometimes, the best kind of date for you to enjoy somewhere new is at a restaurant. It takes away the stress of cooking and gives you the chance to just relax in the company of a sexy woman. The The Paddock is a popular pub to visit, and has received some great reviews over the years. Feel like eating something a little more exotic? The Schezhuan Chinese restaurant sits along Bruntland Road and has a wide range of delicious Chinese dishes for you to enjoy, so treat yourself to something incredible next time you are in Portlethen.


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