Alongside Edinburgh and Glasgow, Aberdeen is one of the most populous cities in Scotland. The district is filled with a variety of attractions that visitors can see, and neighbourhoods that locals can live in.

If you’re looking for a particular suburb to go and explore for a couple of days, a lot of people would tell you to go and see Bieldside. Why? Because the suburb is known to be one of the wealthiest areas in Scotland, where a lot of the elite escorts that live there know how to make any man smile at the end of an intimate encounter!


For those who want to know a bit of history about the suburb, Bieldside has been a settlement for around 4000 years, where a large burial cairn that’s settled this is thought to be around 4000 years-old. The housing development began in the 1970s, which takes away the atmosphere for the cairn. However, you can still see that landmark today; all you would have to do is ask a gorgeous girl who knows where it is to take you there!

Then again, not everyone is interested in the suburb's history and heritage, which is why there are plenty of other attractions and activities that you can get involved in. You can either go to the Deeside Golf Course to show off your golfing skills to a lovely companion, or the Bieldside Inn where you can have a drink with a pretty lady.

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