The fetish of trampling is one that involves another person physically walking all over you or on specific areas such as on your back, chest, stomach, and even your face or genitalia. While it can be done barefoot, often the trampler will wear heels to inflict pain on the receiver with each step they take. This makes the practice very popular in the domination scene, with many slaves wishing to provide a good ground for their master to walk on. It is also popular for those with a foot fetish, as they get to see their partner in sexy shoes and stockings walking up and down their naked body. It can be pleasurable for the giver and the receiver when done correctly.

To best prepare for a trampling session, you should discuss what you want with your partner and make sure you both understand what will happen. Outline which area of your body you would like trampling and what you want them to wear while it happens, if you have a preference. This helps to establish any boundaries you want in place while also ensuring that you get what you want.

When starting out, make sure you take it slow at first while your body gets used to the sensation. If you need a break, make sure you have a safe word established so that your partner knows exactly when you need them to stop. If you don't, it can be difficult to communicate your feelings on the session to your partner. If you're enjoying it and want to try more, tell your partner this as well.

Just like with sex, you should be able to tell your partner what feels good and what works for you so that you can both get the most from the session. Once you're done, you can discuss which parts worked best for you so that the next time you are both better prepared and know what to expect. Remember that communication is the key to being trampled the way you want.

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