As the years go by, domination escorts have become more and more popular. What was once seen as the domain of sick people who got up to horrible stuff in dirty dungeons, it is now accepted that this is a perfectly normal pursuit. This was shown with the popularity of the book and film 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. One of the most exciting form of dominations is that performed by a training escort. This is a form of domination which makes the submissive act like an animal.

Training escorts are usually female, though there are men who like performing the act too. It is up to you to look through the website and find what you like. A female training escort will always be in a position of dominance. As pets are usually submissive, the sub will pick out an animal that he likes and will act as such. This form of domination can come under a few different names. There is 'dog training' and 'pet play', amongst others.

When you are in the company of a female training escort, she will make you bow to her every command. She may even make you wear a lead and walk around with you. This is a great way to let out your submissive side, and is a lot of fun. If you acting as an animal, remember, you won't be allowed to use real human words. If you are acting as a dog, you will only be able to bark as a dog. The commands to you will be short and simple, like 'up' or 'potty'. You may also have to use a bowl to drink out of and use a litter box instead of a toilet.

Female training escorts come in all shapes in sizes. Some can be pretty young girls, whilst others can be more mature women. It is a commonly held belief that an older woman is better here, as they have the maturity to play the dominant role better, though this really is down to the individual. Have a look through their escort reviews to find out who is the best in this field.

It is very easy to have the perfect date with a female training escort. All you need to do is work out where you want to meet them. If you would rather travel away from your home, then see an incall escort. If you want someone to come round to your house or hotel, then it is an outcall escort you are looking for. To be fair, as a training encounter usually needs props such as leads and bowls, most female training escorts are going to be incall.

Try out a new experience today. Wouldn't it be exciting to test what your limits are?

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