Thai massage

Thai massage

Thai massage is an ancient healing system which combines acupressure and assisted yoga positions. Though you will find most Thai masseurs are female, the person who invented it was actually male. This service is becoming ever more popular, with Thai massage escorts gaining quite a reputation for themselves.

Traditional Thai massage doesn't use any oils, and the recipient is usually clothed. Although there is constant body contact between the client and the Thai massage escort, instead of rubbing, the girl or boy compresses, pulls, stretches and rocks the body. When you visit your female Thai massage escort, it is recommended you wear loose, comfortable clothes. You will then be required to lie on a mattress or a mat whilst the man or woman gets to work on you. You will then be put into various yoga positions by the escort, whilst you remain completely passive.

A female Thai massage escort believes that the body is permeated with 'lom' or 'air' which is breathed into the lungs and then goes through some 72,000 pathways called 'sen' which the practitioner will then manipulate manually. There are a wider variety of female Thai massage escorts. You can have younger girls, or more mature women. As it is not an encounter that is sexual in nature, many clients enjoy going back to the escort that actually makes them feel the best, and not necessarily the best looking.

So if you are wanting to free your body of the strains and stresses of life, then meet up with a Thai massage escort today. When you want to meet one of the female Thai massage escorts, that will be two types of girls who offer the service. There will be incall escorts, who need you to come and see them, and outcall escorts who are happy to come and meet you. The one you meet depends completely on your preference, and all this information is available on the escort profile. Once you have decided which service you want, pick up the phone and make the appointment.

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