The squirting fetish is a popular one that involves a woman's orgasm. Some women have the capability to eject fluid during an orgasm, and because of the sudden force is comes out, it is known as a squirt. For many it is a turn on to get such a strong reaction, and many are eager to spend time with a woman who can do it. However, not all women can squirt and not everyone will be capable of doing it. Those women who can squirt will usually know the right things to do in order to achieve it, and so will often guide their partner to help them squirt.

When you are planning on getting your partner to gush, there is some preparation that is needed. You will want to lay down some towels, as it will get wet, or maybe keep things going in a room that is easier to clean. Have some spare towels and wipes ready, or have a hot bath waiting for you both to share afterwards.

Start things off by making sure your partner is comfortable and relaxed. If she tenses up, she might not be able to squirt as she is holding herself back. Work your way slowly all over her body to turn her on. The more aroused your partner is, the higher your chances are of getting her to squirt. Get her as turned on as possible without getting her to orgasm.

With the actual squirt, there are some techniques that work well. Rubbing your fingers against her G spot while stimulating her clit is said to help her have the most powerful orgasm of her life, which can lead to her squirting. If it does not happen the first time, don't panic. You can talk to your partner about how they felt and try again another time, as it can take time to get the perfect technique for you and your partner. Enjoy practicing and soon you will find that you can make her squirt.

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