Sports massage

Sports massage

Sports massage is a very specific type of massage for anyone taking part in sports or exercise. It can help relieve pain and relax muscles, as well as preventing further injury and restoring mobility to injured areas of the body. The person giving the massage will need to focus on specific areas of the body that need the attention first before moving on, to ensure that the main problem area is addressed beforehand. They can be really helpful for getting you back on your feet after an injury, or for keeping you on them if you have a big event coming up and lots of training to do in preparation for it. It is an essential for anyone doing training or heavy exercise, as it will help to keep you on top form.

The only thing you need to do to prepare for a sports massage is check the problem area. If there are open cuts, wounds, or bruises there it is best to avoid getting one. If there are no such problems for you then simply explain to your partner or the masseuse who will be helping you what the problem is, if you have limited movement, and what the pain (if any) is like. It can help them to personalise the massage to suit your injury and needs.

For the massage all you have to do is relax and follow their instructions. Your partner/masseuse may need you to move in certain ways to help them work on the problem area so follow their guidance. Try to keep your breathing steady by concentrating on taking slow, deep breaths. Try not to hold your breath, as it can raise your blood pressure and make you feel even more stressed, which won't help matters.

Sports massages are known to be more vigorous and intensive than others, so it is gets too much for you, tell them. If you don't, it could cause further injury as you will tense up against the hands working on you instead of relaxing. When the massage is done you could feel a bit tender, but that will ease with time and you should feel ready to take on the world.

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