Slaves accepted

Slaves accepted

People enjoy a variety of things in life, and for some being a slave is something they really love. Finding someone who accepts slaves can make a huge difference to them, as some people are really not sure of how to respond and react with someone willing to follow their every command. If your partner tells you that slaves are accepted you know you are on to a winner, as they will know exactly what to say and do with someone who will obey every word they say. Being a slave is the ultimate form of submission, while being the boss shows ultimate power - are you willing to be a slave to someone and do everything they ask?

If you are wanting to become a slave then you need to listen and follow instructions as they are given. An inability to do exactly as you are told could lead your partner punishing you. A good slave obeys without question and ensures everything is done to their mistress' desires.

Being a slave is not only confined to when you are face to face. Some mistresses enjoy giving instructions over the phone, in email, or in the form of a text message, if the slave is open to accepting them in this form. You could be asked to do anything at any time, and so the thrill of being owned by someone increases as you have no idea when you will receive instructions.

For those fortunate enough to find a mistress or a partner willing to accept them as a slave, all they have to do is obey. No preparation is needed, as the commands will vary from person to person, depending on their needs. You could be forced to do anything, from clean their boots with your tongue to dress in a particular way for the duration of your time together. Whatever they desire you will do.

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