Sissyfication is the practice of changing the gender role of a male submissive. It is usually achieved through cross-dressing and the use of clothing, though there are many ways in which sissyfication can be achieved. For some, simply wearing feminine underwear can feel like sissyfication, while others do not feel truly feminised until they are walking the walk and talking the talk with the correct hair, make-up, and outfit to match their new female alter-ego. Names can also be used for the sissy to confirm their identity as a woman.

The range of sissyfication is up to the person being changed. If they wish to only try light sissyfication then feminine underwear and a name might be given, but no more. For some they prefer to really become their alter-ego, and so will be forced by their mistress or partner to wear the correct feminine outfit. They will be given a wig to style and make-up that is either applied to them by their mistress or that they must apply themselves.

Sissyfication can extend beyond the way a person looks and incorporate how they act. The sissy will be encouraged to act as a woman does with the way they speak and hold themselves. Walking properly in heels and sitting in the right way are encouraged, and mistakes from them will be corrected by their master or mistress, either verbally or through spanking and other punishments.

Often the submission they are under goes deeper and they will receive anal sex, either through the use of a strap-on or by the mistress having a slave to do it. They could also be "forced" to perform oral sex on another man and called derogatory terms that are usually used to refer to women while doing it. Make it clear to your partner where you limits are, or help them as they explore them to ensure your sissyfication is as enjoyable for you as it is for them.

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