Showers and bathtub games

Showers and bathtub games

Similarly to shared showers, shower and bathtub games involve you and your chosen escort sharing space to wash each other and relax, but this time with more fun happening in the shower or bathtub. Teasing can still happen, but the focus is instead of pleasuring each other in whichever ways you can while in the confined and very wet space. Make sure there are plenty of towels around for afterwards - you will need them!

A great way to start off some shower and bathtub fun is with washing each other. Make sure you take your time so that the vital areas that need your attention get it. Be gentle, as the point of this exercise is to bring you closer together and not to actually wash each other - that should be done before you get into the bath or shower.

Toys can really help with the fun, depending on what you are doing. There are many toys that are safe to use in water, and some that are specially designed for it. Have a shop around with your favourite escort or on your own and see if there is something that appeals to you. The different ranges of toys available to suit both men and women are huge, so looking around is a great idea. They have out and proud toys (such as shower mounts for your fleshlight) and more subtle toys (like the vibrating rubber duck who won't draw the attention of visitors). Look around for what suits you and your needs.

If you are going to try some games, make sure you establish any rules before you do anything. There are so many games you can try in a bath or shower that there should be no shortage of things for you to do. Let your imagination run wild and, most importantly, have fun with it.

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