Role play

Role play

Role play in the bedroom can be great fun. All you need is a bit of imagination and a willing partner, and anything can happen! There is such a range of different scenarios and situations you can role play that each time will be different from the last, preventing sex from getting repetitive and sour and keeping it fun - the way it is meant to be. Whatever your desires, role play allows you to fulfill them in a safe environment with someone you trust and get the kick from it you want.

Role play can often go hand-in-hand with uniforms and costumes, but don't worry if you don't have anything like that - it isn't essential to making a good role play. What is important to establish with your chosen escort is what you will be role playing and the parts you will both play. For some, it is as simple as saying you are a nurse and I am an injured patient who needs 24-hour care but for others they want it to start just as soon as the two of you see each other. Check with your favourite escort which you'd like to do, as establishing the entire session to work around a role play means that the anticipation leading up to your meeting will build to a point where it will be almost impossible to keep your hands off of each other!

Some of the most popular sexy role plays are the more simple that doesn't require a lot of costume preparation, such as the boss and secretary or the repairman. For the boss and secretary, all the man needs to do is dress smartly, while the woman can wear a sexy pencil skirt, shirt with some buttons undone just a little too low, heels, and some glasses for effect. Wearing hair up works great with the glasses, as the hair can be let down and shook when things are starting to heat up.

The best part of role playing your fantasies is that the only limit is your imagination. Go wild and see what you can come up with.

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