PSE (Pornstar experience)

PSE <span>(Pornstar experience)</span>

PSE stands for the pornstar experience. For many, having sex with a pornstar or becoming a pornstar is something that simply won't happen, but that doesn't mean you can't have the thrill of having sex like one! It is very thrilling to do as pornstars do, so why not check with your partner if they are up to trying the experience?

For some, the idea might arise from seeing one porn video in particular. They might find themselves watching it and going I want someone to try that with. If your partner is up for it, show them the video. It will help them understand what it is you are looking for from your partner and also help them prepare. If it involves a sensual massage, they can get the appropriate lotions together. If it involves a boss/secretary role play, they can get the skirt, blouse, heels and stockings together to tease you with when you arrive. They may even get some glasses to finish off the outfit.

If you just want the general experience, let your partner know. They might have some ideas on things they want to try with you, and simply going with the flow can feel fantastic. You won't have to worry about what comes next, as you partner will take the lead and provide you with exactly what you are hoping for from it.

As for what might happen, the list of things featured in porn films is endless. Facials (where the man comes on the face of another person), Russians (tit wanks), oral and reverse oral, sex, anal sex, and rimming are just a few of the things that could happen with you and your chosen escort, so make sure you clean yourself thoroughly in the shower before you go, in case you are looking for anything a bit dirtier. Not only will it make the experience much more pleasant for you both, it will also help ensure your partner wants to do it again, and what could be bad about that?

Who enjoys PSE (Pornstar experience)?