Prostate massage

Prostate massage

Prostate massages can be useful for helping you relax, but their primary purpose is to help achieve orgasm. The prostate is located in the anus and it can be stimulated either by externally by the perineum or from inside the rectum through a massager or a finger rubbing the correct spot. It is something that can be seen as taboo, but many find the sensations given through a prostate extremely pleasurable - which is why it is a much sought after skill, and finding a partner willing and skilled at it is fantastic.

One of the key preparations for a prostate massage is ensuring you are properly clean and ready. The last thing you will want is to be worrying that you may have missed a bit, as tensing can hinder a prostate massage. Get a long hot shower going and wash yourself as normal so that you are relaxed. When you are sufficiently relaxed, use soapy water to clean the general area. Then, once you are satisfied that the area is properly clean, slip a wet finger into your anus to help flush out any nasty surprises that your partner will not appreciate. Your partner will appreciate the effort you've taken to make the task easier and more pleasant for them, meaning your prostate massage will be even better.

Your partner may be very skilled and use their finger to give the massage, but there are also prostate massagers available. These toys have been especially designed for massaging the prostate gland, and are shaped to give maximum pleasure. Your partner will ensure that your ass has plenty of lubricant on it to ensure it is comfortable for you. After all, prostate massages are meant to give pleasure, and using lube can ensure the toy or finger slips gently in to give you what you want.

Once all the preparation is done, simply enjoy the massage. If you find yourself tensing up, trying to focus on something else, such as your breathing. Keeping it steady will help you relax and enjoy the sensations more.

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