Nuru massage

Nuru massage

Nuru massage is a special type of massage, based on the ancient Japanese erotic slide massage. The only vital things for a nuru massage are two people (the massager and the person receiving the treatment), Nuru oil, and no clothes. The reason for the lack of clothing is because it is one of the full body-to-body massages you can get, and as it requires two bodies to slide up and down each other, it can get messy and feel very arousing to feel your partner's body sliding all over yours.

The specialist Nuru gel and oil are the best to use as they have been designed to be slippery, so that your partner can slide themselves up and down your naked body with ease. Traditional oils and gels may not have the same effect, so it may be worth experimenting which work bests for you both. As it can get very messy with the oil sliding all over, towels are useful to have around, both for you to lie on while receiving the massage and to help clean up afterwards. However, some people prefer their partner to lie on a smooth air mattress without fabric, as this will allow both persons to move about more freely. Why not try both and see which you prefer?

Many Nuru massages start with a hot shared shower, to ensure you are both completely clean for your massage. The foreplay in the shower, combined with the bodies sliding together later, can really help heighten your arousal before you even get down to business. After your shower, don't dry yourself off as the wet skin helps the Nuru gel spread, meaning you get a more thorough massage.

Once you have enjoyed your massage, try switching roles and see if you can help your partner relieve some stress. The sliding is fun, but your body moving on top of theirs can help to massages muscles, meaning that you can make your partner feel good too. Nuru massages are designed to help you and your partner get closer together, so enjoy it and see what fun you will have together.

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