Nipple play

Nipple play

Nipple play is exactly what it says on the tin - when you or your partner want your/their nipples playing with for an extended period of time. For some, gentle caresses and licks are what they want, but others may want it a bit rougher and like the ideas of clamps or their nipples being spanked. Nipples can be very sensitive, so giving them the right kind of attention for you or your partner is very important.

The most important thing, when it comes to nipple play, is discussing with your partner what you want. As said earlier, some enjoy light touches and gentle sucking on their nipples, and that may be enough for them but others might want more. Talk with your partner and experiment with what you like. If sucking and licking don't seem to be enough for you, encourage your partner to gently nibble on your nipple, or tug at it with their lips. You could even buy a small vibrating bullet just to tease your nipples with.

Sometimes, you might want more than this, as sucking and licking aren't enough. If that is the case, you may want to consider trying out some nipple clamps or a light slapping on your nipples. If your partner has an interest in BDSM, why not let yourself go and be completely at their will while they tease and torture your nipples?

While you could stay at home and play with your own nipples, nipple play is best done with your favourite escort. If you are doing it, it is predictable. You know exactly what you will do and might not go anywhere near your limits. Your chosen escort will be more willing to experiment, trying new things on your sensitive nipples and bringing you closer to your limit. Test out different things and see what gets you going before you return the favour.

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