Naked massage

Naked massage

A naked massage is one where you are lying on a massage table or bed and both you and your partner are completely naked. Without clothing getting in the way, your partner has better access to your body and can massage all areas to help relax you and give your muscles some much-needed attention. Having a naked massage can also be very erotic for you, as you are being massaged and teased without having your genitals touched by your partner.

The only real preparation for a naked massage is to take all of your clothes off and lie down on the bed or massage table. Your partner may wish to tease you first with a small striptease, but this is entirely their choice. They may want to get straight on with the massage and help you with your aches and pains.

With a naked massage, your partner may wish to cover your entire body with oil and rub it in to ensure every inch of your body and each muscle gets special attention. Some oils contain fragrances - let your partner know if you have a preference or if there is one you are allergic to, so they know to avoid it. Some areas of your body may need a bit more attention than others, and your partner may be able to help you ease the aches and pains. Tell them where you'd like them to give some extra attention to ensure your needs are addressed.

If you are hoping for a good general massage, then this may be the best for you, as it allows your entire body to get attention, instead of focusing on just one area as you might do with a sports massage. Remember to communicate with your partner - if they move their hands on you in a certain way that you like, let them know as it will help make sure you get the best massage possible.

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