Mummification is very easy to explain but sometimes difficult for others to understand why someone would want it. There are many different reasons that someone might want to try mummification. It is easiest to explain by saying that it is a more advanced form of bondage where, instead of simply finding your arms or legs tied, your entire body will be to restrict movement. It will leave you feeling helpless as you will be totally immobilized, and for a lot of people that is the ultimate turn on, as they are giving complete control up to their dominatrix escort. If you are eager to be totally dominated and made submissive, this is the thing you will want to try.

For many it is the ultimate way to not only give themselves over to their chosen escort, but also to have their senses totally deprived. If you are completely covered, you will find that you cannot move and that your favourite lady might have to massage your skin through the wrap to get to touch you. They might tease you, if you can see, by slowly stripping for you, or they might instead go about their business and leave you where you are to show that you are not worth of their time and degrade you.

When you are being mummified, your partner will get you somewhere comfortable to lie down, as often you will find that you can't support your body once you are completely wrapped up. They will stay with you during the time so that you aren't alone, and they will have scissors to hand to cut you out when you are done. There are so many different materials that can be used when tying you up, so if you have a preference (such as medical bandages to make it more authentic, or perhaps even simply duct tape for that feeling of tight restraint) let your partner know.

Afterwards you might feel very cold, as you will be sweating in the bandages a lot. Make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards, and if you are feeling up to it why not enjoy a nice relaxing bit of bath play with your favourite female escort? It is a great way to relax and unwind after what is sure to be a very restrictive but fun time together, and it will be well worth it. Just make sure you talk about all of the details first so that there is no confusion.

Who enjoys Mummification?