There are a range of different massages that you can receive from your partner or by trained professionals. Each type of massage can help to achieve different things, and they range from simple massages to help ease aches and pains, to erotic massages to arouse and excite you. Discuss with your partner which type you wish to try.

Many will want a simple massage before moving on to other things, and this is just one of the ways it can be achieved. Your partner may ask you to lie on the bed or massage table face down and with your top off. This will allow your partner easy access to your shoulders and back, which is one of the main problem areas of the body that will need a massage. They will get some massage oil, massage gel, body lotion, or body butter to rub all over your body, so make sure you make them aware of any allergies you have beforehand to ensure the experience is as pleasurable as possible.

If there is a certain area of your body that aches, such as your shoulders, let your partner know so that they can pay special attention to it. They may use firm strokes and their nimble fingers to help ease away the pain, but if anything is too uncomfortable for you, let them know.

If you'd rather try other types of massage, make sure you look into them and find out exactly what they are all about. Your partner may have types that they would like to do more than others, so talk with them and see what their preference is. There are clothed massages, genital massages, naked massages, Nuru massages, prostate massages, sports massages and tantra massages, so there should be no shortage of different types for you to try. As stated earlier, they each have their own aims to either relax or pleasure you, so look into each before you decide which you would like to try.

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