Latex PVC

Latex PVC

Latex and PVC fetishism is where you have a sexual attraction to a person in latex or PVC clothing. In some cases, it is the clothing itself that draws the attraction, though the majority of the time it is someone wearing them. This may be because of the tightness of the clothing, as it forms a second skin whilst wearing. Some dominatrixes will wear latex or PVC to give their slave or submissive a thrill while they tease and torture them, while other people may wear it because they enjoy the feel on their skin, or the look on their partner's face when they step out in it.

Celebrities and films have done a great deal for the latex and PVC fetishes, and consequently, they are now more readily available to buy and wear. There is such a variety that you should really think about what you want your partner to wear for you. Do you want a simple PVC skirt and top, or would you prefer an all-in-one latex catsuit? Whatever your desires, explain to your partner what look you are hoping for. If you aren't sure, let them surprise you. You're bound to be pleased with what they put on for you.

For those interested in domination, or with a heavier interest in the latex and PVC fetishes, you may want to consider more unorthodox items of clothing, such as a wet suit, gas mask, or even a PVC hazmat suit.

You may find that, when your partner puts on the outfit, they have an entirely new personality. For some, wearing latex or PVC is similar to putting on a costume and so they like to adapt their behaviour to suit your requirements. Let your partner know exactly what you are looking for from your session to ensure they can prepare for it properly, and that you get what you want.

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