Those who are interested in roleplay, but are hoping for something a little more involved in the BDSM world, will find that interrogations are perfect for them. As you can imagine, an interrogation between you and your favourite mistress is a lot of fun. Your dominatrix will take on the role of torturer or interrogator, using whatever skills they have at their disposal to get you to talk. They will want a certain piece of information from you, and they will do pretty much anything to try and get it. This kinky fun game is a lot of fun to try, and it certainly tests your limits.

Before the fun starts, you and your favourite domme will sit down and discuss the kind of information they want from you. It might be something mundane or an elaborate idea that you have both worked out together. Either way, you will want to see how long you can last under the conditions of "torture", and see just how far your dominatrix is willing to push you to get the information they seek. If you are eager to test your limits, this is definitely the thing for you.

There are so many different ways for your mistress to torture you. They might have a number of different techniques from interrogations to try on you to make you talk. They might simply opt to tie you up and treat you to some tickle torture, or they might get a little more physical. Flogging can work here, as they will continue to beat and whip you until they tell you what they want, but they can also give you immense pleasure. They might decide that orgasm control or erotic sexual denial is the perfect way to get you talking, as you'll be so desperate for their touch and attention that you will give in.

In interrogations, things can get very intense. You will find that everything is heightened, and if your mistress slips a blindfold over your eyes, you will hear every tiny sound more clearly. For example, when they tap the flogger or the whip on their leg as they walk around you to make you feel on edge, or they might be as silent as possible, only speaking when they are going to punish you. It is perfect for pushing your limits and trying new things, and if you have a great trusting relationship with your domme, interrogations might be ideal for you.

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