Inflicting pain

Inflicting pain

Inflicting pain (sometimes referred to as sadism) is where a person takes pleasure from causing pain to another person. If you enjoy it, then you may be referred to as a masochist. It is often teamed with the world of BDSM, as many dominatrixes are skilled at learning where their submissive's pain threshold is so they can push them to their limit. Your partner may be similarly skilled, so why not talk to them about it and see how they would feel about torturing you and bringing you to your limit?

For many, they enjoy pain as they feel they are being punished for something they did. You may often do things wrong whilst spending time with your partner in the hope they will punish you in the way you deserve for being so bad.

If you have certain fantasies involved pain that you wish to have acted out on you, explain them to your partner. For many their masochism goes no further than fantasies, so make sure you give your partner plenty of information about what you want. That way, the fantasy can be acted out in the way you are hoping for. Make sure you establish a safe word with them. A safe word helps you stop the action if it gets too much for you, or if you need to take a quick break. It also helps your partner find out just where your limits are, so make sure you use it if you need to.

The pain can be given in many different ways. Some enjoy a caning or spanking, while another may want to be bound and tortured by having their mistress stomp on them with stilettos. Some even enjoy being beaten by their partner, which allows the partner to establish themselves as the one in control and power, with you being weak and completely at their mercy so they can do whatever they want to with you. Whatever your fantasy, there will be someone out there willing to help you fulfill it.

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