While some people enjoy being made to feel pain, others enjoy being humiliated. If you are interested in humiliation, you will seek out someone to treat you poorly and intimidate you, or to mistreat and embarrass you, in private or in public. It does not always have to be sexual, as many find the submission they feel from being humiliated is what they want. Humiliation can be free from face-to-face contact, as you can be humiliated in a phone call, text, or email. This means that the humiliation can happen at any time, and so you will not be expecting it. Many find this idea thrilling, and wish to be humiliated by a mistress as they feel are not worthy of respect.

There are two main types of humiliation - verbal and physical. While many might enjoy some verbal humiliation, physical humiliation is not for everyone, and so you will need to make sure you are ready. Discuss with your partner what you are looking for. Verbal humiliation can be as simple as insults or being belittled by your partner, or even animal play where you are treated like an animal. This also ties in with dog training.

Physical humiliation covers a wider range, as it can be forcing you to perform sexual acts on someone, body worship, sexual denial, or having your partner ejaculate, spit, or urinate on you. You and your partner should be able to establish exactly where your limits are by talking about it, and if you are comfortable with physical humiliation let them know. It will make the experience better for you.

While a lot of this can happen in the privacy of your own home or behind closed doors, some enjoy the humiliation being taken out into the public. This can be done by taking you out into a public area, such as a park or a coffee shop, and having you perform body worship, servitude, or animal play. If you feel that you are ready for that, discuss it with your partner. It is best to establish a safe word in case it gets a bit much for you, so that you can both cease the humiliation and move on to other things. However, if you are not comfortable with this then make it clear to your partner. They should know your limits and respect them.

Who enjoys Humiliation?