Gags & hoods

Gags & hoods

´╗┐Gags & Hoods

When you are giving yourself over to a dominatrix for them to do whatever they want with you, you might find that you are a little too vocal for their tastes. They might want to keep you quiet and submissive, and a good way to do that is by using gags & hoods to keep you under control. Gags, as the name suggests, are mouth gags that you can use to keep you quiet or even to open up your mouth more for your mistress for BDSM purposes. Hoods can come in a number of different forms to make it immediately clear to others that you are a slave.

There are many different gags for your mistress to use on you. Many dominatrixes like to use ones simply to silence you, so that your moans and groans and screams of pleasure cannot be heard the same. Of course, there are other types of gags you can use. Some have dildos attached so them, so that someone can fuck on your face. Others might open your mouth further so that something can be slipped inside, making you a receptacle for whatever naughty things they can think of. You can even get some to be used like urinals, if you are interested in watersports.

Hoods are another matter, and are particularly popular with those interested in the bondage part of BDSM. Some are complete head hoods, which might have holes for your nose, mouth, and eyes, so that you can breathe and see easily. Others are closed off with only small slits for those interested in breath play. Your dominatrix might decide to put you in one where you can't see anything, but your mouth is free. This means that you can say please and speak when ordered to, and because you enjoy a little bit of sensory deprivation with this type of hood, it has proven to be popular among subs.

Gags & hoods can be used in a number of different ways by kinky dominatrixes to control you. They will make you their submissive slave with the clever use of gags & hoods, keeping you quiet or unable to see with just one item. Many submissives report feeling turn on when they cannot do something because of a hood or a gag, and so if you want to enjoy this form of restraint and BDSM, you might want to give this a go.

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