Spanking seems like fun, but a lot of the time, you are seeking something a little more intense. If you are really eager to please your mistress and give yourself over to your chosen dominatrix completely, you might decide that flogging is for you. This is an ancient practice, where one person is hit, often repeatedly, with a whip or flogger. Used as a form of punishment many years ago, it is now a popular BDSM trend for you to enjoy, as your favourite domme will get great pleasure from flogging you, and you will enjoy the feeling of submitting upon each hit.

Your dominatrix might use this as a way to punish you when you are a bad slave. If you misbehave or do something that they do not approve of, they might bring out the flogger and get you to bend over before them. Some enjoy it not just because of the pain they experience with each hit, but they also find it is humiliating. They feel humiliated that they must be punished in this way, and this can be a huge turn on for them. It really shows them who is in charge.

The beautiful thing about of flogging is that there are so many different tools available for your domme to use on you, so if you have something particular in mind, let your mistress know. They might have floggers, switches, rods, cat of nine tails, and sjamboks, and if you want to try them all, you should beg your dominatrix to give you each of them to see which you like best. A flogger is a firm favourite, as it is capable of making the bottom feel a number of different sensations without the same amount of risk as the others.

When you receive your flogging in your BDSM session, your domme will aim for the meatier parts of your body. Your ass and thighs are good choices, as they can withstand more hits. They want you to feel pleasure and pain at the same time, so if it gets too much, you should use your safe word. The safe word gives you the chance to take a break for a moment. You might even want to talk to your domme and let them know that you are enjoying the BDSM so much that you want more. Once you have felt the cool leather hitting your ass, you will want to enjoy that feeling over and over again.

Who enjoys Flogging?