Face sitting

Face sitting

Face sitting, which can also be called queening, is exactly as it sounds. It is when one person sits on another person's face for the purposes of sexual pleasure. Usually, this is combined with reverse oral, and so requires the woman to sit on their partner's face. However, it can also be combined with rimming or tea bagging. For some, the idea of sitting on someone's face until they cum is very exciting, and so see if your partner is interesting in either sitting on your face or allowing you to sit on their face.

As said earlier, this is typically more common for women to do to their partners. A high number of men enjoy having it done to them, as they can concentrate purely on pleasuring their partner with their mouth and not worry about if your partner is enjoying themselves, as usually the partner will move to a better position if they need to.

For some, face sitting can be very closely tied with humiliation and domination, as they could force someone to pleasure them. If that is what you are interested in, let your partner know so that they can get things ready. It could even go as far as smothering territory (where your partner deprives you of oxygen while you perform oral on them). Don't worry if this is something you aren't comfortable with - your partner should understand and be happy with whatever you decide to do to them.

The act of face sitting is primarily associated with female oral sex. While the positioning is different, the act itself won't be. Do what you would usually do in this situation, like slowly licking the lips, kissing and gently sucking the clit, and stroking them with your tongue. Keep a steady pace and, when she starts to enjoy it, keeping doing exactly what you are doing. You're sure to be rewarded later.

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