Double domme

Double domme

´╗┐Double Domme

Sometimes, when you want to be dominated, you will find that spending time with your mistress doesn't seem to be enough. You love to have them controlling you, but you may need stronger punishment. When that happens, you might decide to seek out a double domme experience. The double domme, as the name suggests, gives you the chance to enjoy a little bit of BDSM while being tortured by two dommes. Instead of simply submitting yourself to one kinky dominatrix, you give yourself over to two of them, and they will then work together to give you an experience you will never forget.

Usually, your favourite dominatrix will have another mistress they enjoy working with. They will get along well together and work well together. They might share ideas about the kind of hot and kinky things you get to enjoy during your BDSM session. So, if you ask for a double domme experience, they will immediately talk to you about their potential partner in fun, and what kind of things you would be interested in trying with them. Some will have certain favourites that they like doing during double domination, but they might prefer to save some of the other, more intimate things for when it is just the two of you.

Why do people go for this experience? Well, because you have more than one skilled dominatrix working you over, you get to have double the arousal, pleasure, and fun. It is the ultimate experience for anyone eager to give themselves over to another, as their combined efforts will leave you feeling breathless and you will walk away grinning from ear to ear as you got to experience their special talents combined. All this is to make you their willing slave.

If you are hoping to have the best BDSM session of your life, booking the double domme experience will help you enjoy it. Imagine some of your favourite acts of domination, such as trampling, face sitting, or whipping. Now picture two hot mistresses or masters doing it to you at the same time. They might take it in turns or work together to make you beg. They might decide to take on a good cop bad cop routine... or they might twist it so that they are both bad to you. The possibilities for the things that you can enjoy here are endless, so talk to your favourite dominatrix about the different things that you can do.

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