A lot of people, when they choose to see escorts, want to be appreciated and treated well, but if you are interested in degradation you definitely won't want that. Instead, you'll want to be treated badly, to be told and shown how disgusting a creature you are. You will want to be dominated and made to feel worthless by a sexy female dominatrix, who will use their hot body to tease you and make it very clear to you that you will not be getting to touch and appreciate it as you simply aren't worthy of it.

Being degraded can happen in a number of different ways, and there are so many things that your female dominatrix can do to make you feel worthless. They might simply trample on you, wiping their spiked heels on you and saying that you are only good enough as a doormat for women like her. You'll have to agree to every comment she makes if you are to be a good slave to this naughty girl, and if you don't she will punish you for your disobedience severely. You will be made to feel so totally degraded that you won't want to see any other escort.

Some more favourite sex acts that are often combined with degradation are watersports and hardsports, as they are the ultimate tool in humiliation. If you really want to be degraded by a dominatrix, this is what you should ask for. They might simply stand over you and piss on your body, watching as you flinch at the feeling of warm liquid hitting you, or they might instead squat over your chest and take a shit, telling you to rub it into your body as they tell you how worthless you are to them. You will be made to feel a fool and treated badly, and yet you will love every minute of it.

Because humiliation and degradation tie in to each other so well you will want the full experience, and you will find that there are no women better equipped to treat you that way you deserve to be treated than the dominatrix escorts. They will know just how far to push you and will be able to tell when you are close to your limit so that you never go too far with the dirty and disgusting things that they will make you do, and they will always ask you about your hard limits first. After your date you will find yourself longing for more, so why not enjoy it?

Who enjoys Degradation?