Couples, two people in a relationship, are sometimes welcomed by single people into their lives for a date or even just for some fun. The key elements of this is being open-minded about what you want and being able to discuss the ideas with your partner and also with the person who will be joining. It can be referred to as a threesome, and each person taking part is as important as another, so making sure you all get what you want from it is essential.

If you want to bring up the idea with their partner, try to gauge how they might react first. Those who know their partners well enough might remember them once mentioning that it is their ultimate fantasy, but that doesn't mean they will definitely want it to happen. Sometimes fantasies just stay in the mind and are never acted out. However, you might be lucky enough to have a partner wanting to explore the idea.

Those wanting to explore the possibility should remember that it isn't a sprint. Just turning up and wanting it to be over in half an hour might scare your partner. They will want to get to know the person first, so clear an hour or two in your diary first. This will allow your partner plenty of time to chat with the other person and get to know them. As time goes on they will be more relaxed and therefore more willing to go through with it. They may even find a natural spark or connection, which will make it even more memorable and enjoyable for all involved. Let things progress naturally and you are sure not to be disappointed.

If you or your partner feel that you need to stop, you can do so. Suggest a five minute break to get a drink or just to take a breath. Communicate with each other so that you know what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour - that way you can both concentrate on doing what makes you feel good, instead of worrying about what else is going on.

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