Clothed massage

Clothed massage

A clothed massage is one where you are fully clothed when receiving a massage. There could be many different reasons for this. One might be that you prefer it as oils and lotions irritate your skin, or even if you do not feel comfortable with someone touching your naked skin. Whatever the reason, clothed massages can still help to relax your or provide relief from pain, while also taking away the intimidation that removing your clothes might bring.

Your partner will not need to prepare for this massage in the same way they might for others. There is no need to use lotions and oils, as your clothes will create a barrier between their hands and your skin. They may ask you to lie down on a massage table, bed, or massage chair, before asking which areas are giving you difficulty. If there is not a specific area, then a general massage will be given. However, clothed massage can allow you to experience a sports massage, so keep this in mind if you have overdone it at the gym or have aggravated an old injury.

Good massages happen when the person receiving the massage is relaxed. If you find yourself tensing up every time your partner touches you, the massage won't have the same effect. Try to relax and, if you struggle to, ask them to start with really light touches and build their way up to rubbing and kneeding. They will respect your wishes and only do what you are comfortable with.

If you find that, as the massage goes on, you feel very much at ease, it is worth considering a naked massage for next time. This will allow your partner better access to the tight knots and sore parts of your body, providing you with a deeper massage. Still not sure? Consider stripping to just undergarments, or even wear swimming or sports gear so that your partner still has access to your shoulders and lower legs.

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