Cane / Whipping

Cane / Whipping

Everyone needs to unwind every once in a while. We don't want to cope with stress every day and there are times when we want to let go of all responsibilities. Some men like to escape reality by having a soothing massage, whereas other like to give up all control and get caned and whipped. Caning and whipping fall under the theme of inflicting pain, but it's a specific kind of kink for people who are satisfied with the feeling of hard leather against their skin. You would be surprised at how many gorgeous women are more than happy to give you the punishment that you deserve.

If you think that you are the only one who likes this fetish, then you have nothing to worry about. There are plenty of guys who get turned on by the hard slap of a cane or a whip against their skin. The normal areas where a female escort would hit you would be on the chest, stomach, legs, back and ask. For men who want to heighten their senses, they can ask their favourite companions to be daring and slap them on their palms and feet. Some guys can experience a lot of pleasure in areas where it's so painful to hit!

When you're encountering a sexy woman who wants to whip you into shape, you have to remember that you are there to please your mistress. Your lady would reward you by making your fantasy come true; making you feel satisfied at the end of the appointment. There are a variety of ways your ideal dominatrix would start the meeting. She could force you to lie down flat on a bed or bind your wrists together in rope and suspend you from the ceiling. From there, your sexy courtesan will tell you that you have to be a good little boy throughout the whole encounter!

You shouldn't believe that there is no one out in the big wide world who can cuff you to the bed and spank you with a cane. There would be at least one attractive escort who is available to give you the session that you've been dying to have. Even though there are plenty of woman who offer you cane/whipping services everywhere, not all of them would know what your limits are. Therefore, it is advised that you discuss with your chosen dominatrix what you're OK with and what would be too intense for you to handle. When you've finally set up a meeting with your ideal mistress, you had better prepare to be blown away to a world of pain and pleasure!

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