The Scottish new town of Cumbernauld lies in the area of North Lanarkshire, although it historically sits within Dunbartonshire. It is quite a young area, as it was first created in 1956 to help with the population overspill from the city of Glasgow, and as such it has grown a great deal throughout the years. Thanks to the many beautiful sites to visit in the area, it has become a popular place to visit, with plenty of things for you to do on a date with a Cumbernauld escort. So take a look at our suggestions in the Cumbernauld guide below.


The Cumbernauld Museum is a great place to go if you want to learn more about the area. Yes, the town might not be that old, but at this museum you can follow the journey of the town to get to where it is today. It is a nice and quaint museum to visit, and if you combine a trip here with a visit to the Cumbernauld House Park, you definitely will not be disappointed. Take the time to explore the area and you'll discover why this town has become one of the more popular destinations to visit just outside of the city of Glasgow.

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The theatre in the town is a great one to visit if you are hoping to enjoy a unforgettable date with a local escort. It has a huge range of productions on for you to enjoy, so whether you simply want to watch some live music on the stage or you were hoping to see a play performed, this is the place to go. Best of all, there are some great pubs and clubs nearby for you to visit, so you can enjoy a refreshing drink before or after the show. You might even find some of the talent there to talk to, so what are you waiting for?


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