If you’re planning to visit West Lothian in Scotland on holiday, you would be visiting a fantastic region in the country. If you’re already living in West Lothian, then you’re lucky to live in such a fantastic region!

Since the large area is filled with a lot of wonderful towns that many people like to discover and explore, it can be difficult to know which place would be able to give you the relaxation that you desire. However, many Scottish guys and girls would tell you that you cannot go wrong in spending a couple of days in Armadale.

Formally known as Barbauchlaw, the town used to be a mining district which also had a thriving brick manufacturing industry. You may not be able to find a lot of brick-making factories or coal mines now, but you would find a lot of hot, independent escorts that would be more than happy to enhance your experience in the district!


If there is one thing that you have to do in the district before anything else, it would be to put on your hiking boots and go on a trek around green spaces that are settled in Armadale. For those that really want to know what the fresh, Scottish air smells like, you can always head up to the northern end of the town and walk along the banks of the Barbauchlaw Burn.

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