Scotland is a country that every foreign traveller should explore. The land is filled with nature, history, and regions that are packed full of life and energy. However, since Scotland has a lot of regions that many people enjoy visiting and living in, it can be difficult to choose a place that you would like to see on your next holiday.

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If you enjoy putting on your hiking boots, packing your bags and walking along mountainous areas in an amazing region in Scotland, then listen up. The Kilpatrick Hills stretch from Dumbarton to Strathblane, where many outdoor lovers adore wandering through the Lily Lock, the Cochno Hill, and the Clyde Plateau Lavas. In the northern end of the Kilpatrick Hills, the Whangie is an interest amongst geologists and casual walkers. Furthermore, it’s considered to provide an adventure for many active women that enjoy breathing in the fresh, Scottish Air.

Another natural sculpture that Mother Nature has designed is the Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park, a mountain area that is known to be the fourth largest national park in the British Isles. If you’ve explored the Kilpatrick Hills and thought that it was huge, then you should give yourself the time to wander around the Loch Lomond Park! However, not everyone wants to go trekking through the hills and mountains in their spare time. If you're someone that would prefer to do something less strenuous, then you can always have a simple stroll along the Erskine Bridge, a cable-stayed box girder bridge that connects the region with Renfrewshire.

After your outdoor adventures, you have the choice to pick which lovely town you’d like to rest your head in. Whether it would be Bonhill, Clydebank, Duntoucher or Jamestown, you can be sure that your vacation time would be well spent with a hot West Dunbartonshire escort by your side!


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