The Shetland Islands is a very interesting subarctic archipelago of Scotland. If you plan to go to the northeast part of Great Britain, you should definitely stay in this area for at least a few days.

What can you do around here? Well, this actually depends on what you enjoy doing. This place is a great destination for people who want to relax and forget all about their worries. Also, it is a perfect spot for people who are interested in getting in touch with history.

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If you want to get in touch with nature, you can check out one of the lovely national nature reserves available here. And if you love outdoor activities, Shetland Golf Club is the place you want to go to.

In case you want to get closer to the history of this area, you should check out Scalloway Castle. And in the evening, have a delicious meal at Golden Coach. If you don't want to go to bed early, you should have a few drinks at Captain Flints. And if you are traveling without a companion, you should invite one of the sexy escorts in the Shetland Islands to join you for dinner.


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