Any tourist would be tempted to visit a big city in Scotland like Edinburgh, Glasgow or Aberdeen. But what people can't forget is the fact that the country is filled with lots and lots of magnificent districts, which are able to give any person the relaxation that he would be looking for.

So, when you’re planning on spending your vacation time in Scotland, you should make the time to go and visit Selkirkshire. Why? Well, it is the home of the brilliant Galashiels; a Scottish burgh where a lot of hot escorts know how to make a man happy after an intimate encounter!


With all of the indoor and outdoor activities that you can do in the district; you cannot say that Galashiels would be a boring place for you to go and explore while you’re on holiday! For instance, the Ladhope Recreation Ground that’s setting within the Galashiels Golf Club is always open to people who enjoy getting active and breathing in the fresh air! If you still have a lot of energy to burn after your stroll around the recreation ground, you can go for another walk along the banks of the Gala Water which passes through the district.

However, not everyone enjoys walking around the burgh for hours on end. Some people would rather do the simpler things in life like savouring a delicious meal at the ‘Quins’ restaurant, or enjoying a cool beverage at the 'H20' bar. Those two venues are the perfect places to have a romantic date with Galashiels escort, so when you’re thinking about going to the restaurant or the bar, it would be worthwhile for you to book a table for two!

If you’re struggling to find a place to stay in for a night or two, then struggle no more. The Abbotsford Arms Hotel is filled with a variety of rooms that would cater to your comforts and needs. Moreover, all of the rooms in the hotel are spacious and luxurious enough for you to enjoy a sensual massage, a hot domination session or a night of passion with a beautiful courtesan!


When an attractive escort in Galashiels has given you the time and companionship that you have been craving for, you have to find a way to thank her for her services. Some punters go through the effort of buying their chosen courtesans a fine bottle of champagne or a sparkling new necklace. And there are other punters that like to give their lovely companions something sentimental, like a positive critique that other clients can see on the escort reviews page.

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