Mainland Scotland has some beautiful places for you to discover, but many decide that they will instead take themselves off to the islands around Scotland. One of the more popular islands to visit is the island of Stronsay, hwere you will find the Stronsay Airport. This airport has become a landmark for the area, with many choosing to visit here before they go on to other destinations. There are plenty of guides at the airport to tell you where you should go on a date with a Stronsay Airport escort available now, but you might find our guide below offers plenty of great ideas.


If you find yourself on the island looking for places to go on a romantic date, you'll discover a number of great places to take your time looking around. The Bay of Franks looks out over to the island of Papa Stronsay, and gives you the chance to simply sit back and watch as the boats pass from the island of Stronsay to Kirkwall and Eday. This bay has also proven to be popular with wildlife, and so if you want to get some unforgettable pictures of wildlife, this is the place to go.

Travelling to the island for just a day would be such a shame, especially when there are so many incredible places for you to discover. Instead, you'll want to book yourself into a local hotel for a night you will never forget with a hot escort in Stronsay Airport. To the south east of the airport you'll find the Stronsay Hotel, which has friendly staff to make you feel at ease. It has received fantastic reviews over the years, showing why it is so popular, and you'll find yourself returning again and again for a visit.

Hoping to get a little more active during your time on the island? Take a walk or rent a bicycle so that you can see everything the island has to offer. One of the favourite spots for people to hike to is the Vat of Kirbister. The Vat of Kirbister is a natural geological formation that has formed a rock arch, and through the arch you can see the sky and the sea meeting in the distance. It is truly a breath-taking place to visit, and on a sunny day you'll enjoy the hike up to this point.


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