To the north of the beautiful country of Scotland sit the Orkney Islands, out in the North Atlantic Ocean. These islands have proven to be popular with those eager to escape the chaos of mainland life, and one of the most popular is Sanday, one of the most northern islands. This island is home to Sanday Airport, which has become a central point for many visiting the island. If you are hoping to enjoy a date with an independent escort in Sanday Airport, this is where your date will start, and there are plenty of great places for you to go together.


Along the north eastern coast of the island you will find a number of great lighthouses to visit, and each of them will give you amazing views to take in, as well as some great walks to explore in the surrounding areas. There is also a great deal of history for you to explore at each lighthouse, with both the North Ronaldsay and the Start Point lighthouses located here. Take the time to explore and you definitely will not be left disappointed by all that you find.

Often, we simply want to enjoy a little peace and quiet when we enjoy a date with one of the Sanday Airport escorts available now. A great way to guarantee this is to book yourself into a hotel for the evening. On the south west of the island you will find the Braeswick B&B, which offers free parking and free breakfast to all guests. It is a great way to ensure discretion on your date. If you'd like to be closer to the airport, then the Kettletoft Hotel is perfect for you. It sits just to the south of the airport, making it great for you to visit.

Want to enjoy a bite to eat in a cosy and friendly place? Backaskaill is a great little restaurant you can visit. For the area, the prices are pretty reasonable, and they have a good range of food for you to sample. Here you will find a charming atmosphere to put you right at ease, and the international menu ensures that there is something for everyone here, so what are you waiting for?


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