The Papa Westray Airport is located 41 kilometres north of the Kirkwall Airport ,on the island of Papa Westray in the Orkney Islands off of Scotland. This airport's facility is best known for being one of two airports along with Westray Airport that have the 'shortest scheduled flight in the world.' The distance is a mere 2.8 km and the scheduled flight time, along with taxiing takes two minutes!

LoganAir provides service on the 'world's shortest scheduled flight' as well as to most of the Orkney Islands. Once you've arrived here, you're on a great island that has historical attractions like the Holland House's folk museum and the Knap of Howar Neolithic farmstead. This island's soil is known to be super fertile and it has always been a draw to this island. Get out and experience the ninth largest of the Orkney islands, dig your hands in the soil, and get dirty with Papa Westray Airport escorts!

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See the lay of the land and the ancient ruins that are left to tell the tale of civilizations that have rocked before ours at the Knap of Howar. This Neolithic era farmstead is considered to the oldest preserved stone house in northern Europe. Radiocarbon dating shows that it was occupied from 3,700 BC to 2,800 BC. Pack a picnic for this lovely day trip and explore this historic site that resides on the seafront, offering splendid scenery and a glimpse into the area's prehistory!

Go visit the St Boniface Kirk and see an important ecclesiastic site that dates back to the 8th century. It resides on the rocky shore towards the north west of the island. There you can see remains from the Iron Age like Norse gravestones and two Early cross slabs found located in the Kirkyard, as well as impressive views of the sea. It's a fabulous trip for bikers or walking enthusiasts so gear up and see about the Kirk!

Absorb the sun and the sea spray on the sandy beaches of Bothican, or North and South Wick. Anywhere along the shore you can spot seals and a huge variety of birds. Bring a blanket and sprawl on the sand, relax and fantasize about a beautiful Papa Westray escort! Let her spoil you with her divine touch when you book an erotic massage! She specializes in only pleasurable moments so utilize her sexy services, book a massage and let that courtesan's kinky touch give you wings.


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