Not everyone wants to spend their leisure time in a region that is packed full of buildings, shopping malls and touristic attractions. What some people like to do is pack their bags and travel to a place where they would be surrounded by nature and the sea.

If you’re still deciding on a place to visit on your annual leave, you should definitely plan to have your next holiday in the Orkney Islands. Why? Well, it’s an archipelago that has a range of wonderful, little islands that many Scottish people love living in; little islands like Papa Westray. If you’re worried that you wouldn’t have anything to do on the island, then you should see if an independent escort would be available to give you a guide to discovering the land!


Once you set foot on the island, you would understand why there aren’t any skyscrapers and shopping malls that are settled there. At the northern end of the island lies North Hill, the land’s highest point and an RSPB nature reserve. If you get the chance to visit North Hill, you would be able to see all of the seabirds breed and the Scottish primrose bloom.

Depending on when you want to visit the island, you’d also get the chance to see the Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival, an event where all of the locals and visitors showcase their video art, sound art, experimental films and music to other people.

Overall, what many travellers want to see when they first step foot onto the island is the view of the North Atlantic Ocean, where they can relax on the strand. Many gorgeous girls enjoy walking along the golden sands of the beach on a sunny day, where some of those girls could be talented masseuses, hot dominatrixes or lovely Papa Westray escorts!


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