The Orkney Islands sit off of the north eastern coast of Scotland, and within these islands you will find the island of Papa Westray. Those travelling to the area will probably end up passing through Papa Westray Airport, which is known as one of the two airports in the world with the shortest scheduled flight, which runs at only two minutes long. It is a great airport to visit and something of a central hub for the area, so if you wish to get to know it better, a Papa Westray Airport escort can guide you around.


One of the best things about visiting a place like Papa Westray is that you can take your time exploring the beautiful island and discovering its secrets. There are plenty of great walks for you to enjoy in the area, and you could even hire a bike and go for a ride if you wish. Photographers will love the beauty of the island, and if you have an independent escort with you, you will be able to appreciate the beautiful surroundings in a whole new way.

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Places like this island are known for having a great deal of history for you to explore, and one of the best places to go is the Knap of Howar. This is believed to be home to the oldest standing stone houses in the whole of the north west of Europe, making it an essential for those visiting the area. The best thing is that you can actually walk around these neolithic houses, learning more about the history of the area and exploring it in an immersive experience.


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