The island of North Ronaldsay is located within the Orkney Islands and it is the northernmost island. It's most known for its historic lighthouse, its migratory bird life and an unusual breed of sheep. It resides 4 kilometres from its nearest island neighbor, Sanday. The district is around 5 kilometres long and it's well known for its two sandy shores: Linklet Bay on the eastern shore and South Bay in the south.

This island is one of the best birdwatching sites in the country during the Spring and Autumn when the birds experience their migration periods. The variety and quantity of birds that can be seen in these high seasons is said to be spectacular.

This maritime weather makes the waters surrounding the island often stormy and treacherous, and it has been a notorious graveyard for ships in the past. Located in the northeast of the island is the historic lighthouse that was built in 1789 and it's called the Old Beacon. Today, it's no longer functioning but it's retained as a sea mark. A newer lighthouse was built in 1852 at the Point of Sinsoss, and this lighthouse is Britain's tallest land-based lighthouse.

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While on this enchanting island, check out the tallest land based light house in the UK. It's around 200 steps to the top but the views from there are absolutely stunning. The lighthouse tour is smashing and the light house guide is an excellent source of information. They'll explain the island's lighthouse history from the Old Beacon to the highest land based lighthouse in the UK. You're allowed to adjust the actual light section, and you can see this fascinating life saving mechanism at work! Fascinating!

Have a bite to eat at the North Ronaldsay Lighthouse Cafe. Surprised that a lighthouse has a cafe? Then continue this surprise party and invite your taste buds to join. Enjoy this cafe's brilliant food and its spectacular sea side location. It's a sensationally superb eatery that's adjacent to an interesting exhibit and a high quality gift shop.

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Visit the North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory and see all the special birds that experience a layover on this island during their migration. Did you know that this island once had the Great Auk? Before it went extinct, this north Atlantic flightless bird, about the size of a goose called this magically wild island, home sweet home.


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