Eday Airport is located on the island of Eday to the north of the Scottish mainland. Eday is a part of the Orkney islands as well as being a part of the North Isles. It's located 24 kilometres from the Orkney mainland and it has an area of 27 square kilometers. It's the ninth largest island of the archipelago. As this airport is close to the Bay of London, it is known locally as the 'London Airport.'

While this airport is one of the ways to get off and onto this island there are still other ways like the popular Eday Orkney Ferry. This port has services to Sanday, Stronsay and Kirkwall. However you arrived on this special isle, make the most of your moments here by adding some sexy cheer. Book the exquisite company of an erotic, exotic courtesan and make sexy history while you're on this magical island.

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Book your stay at the Orkney Community Hostel. Island life has you focused on living it up so put down your bags here and head out the door. Explore Mill Bay that's located nearby, walk along the waterfront and feel the sea spray invigorate your senses. Think of how you can fill your moments so you'll remember them always. You might agree, a erotic massage from an Eday Airport escort doesn't sound good, it sounds great!

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Check one of Scotland's oldest stone castles that's associated with the Norwegian Viking giant Kolbein Hruga. The castle is very interesting and the landscape is fantastic. It's a bit of a drive but it's well worth the visit.

For a spectacular meal, dine at Helgi's. This British/Scottish gastropub is located in the Kirkwall harbour and it has a great atmosphere. It's a popular eatery that's located on the harbour front so enjoy the people, a drink, something to eat and the view. Enjoy the local beer which is considered to be 'real ale.' Order the fish and chips, the burger or the spicy fajitas. Cheers!


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