The Western Isles are also known as the Outer Hebrides and it's an island chain off of the west coast of mainland Scotland. They're separate from the Scottish mainland and from the Inner Hebrides by the waters of the Minch, the Little Minch and the Sea of the Hebrides. The major islands include Lewis and Herris, North Uist, Benbecula, South Uist and Barra.

The islands were formed from ancient metamorphic rock and the climate is mild and oceanic. There are numerous prehistoric structures which predate written references of the islands that had been made by Greek and Roman authors. The 15 islands that are inhabited have a total population of 27,400 people, yet there are still more than 50 substantial uninhabited islands in the region!

The local economy is based on tourism, crofting, fishing and weaving and important aspects of their culture are sport, religion and music. Make the most of your moments and embrace the culture, heritage and Scottish spirit with the erotic companionship of gorgeous women!

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There are 53 sites of special scientific interest in this fantastic region. The largest are Loch an Duin, North Uist and North Harris. Most of this area is a protected habitat, and has terrific opportunities to see native flora and fauna, and also see the lay of the land. Enjoy a walkabout around the lake or a stroll on a nature trail and fantasize about an exotic, erotic woman and her sensual services!

Visit the Loch Druisibeg on South Uist and enjoy exploring a spectacular national nature reserve. It covers 1,677 hectares and has over 200 species of flowering plants some of which are very rare. It's considered the best place in the UK for the aquatic plant, the Slender Naiad. Let these exotic sensual flowers inspire you to book the most rare flower in all the land, a Na h-Eileanan Siar courtesan! Book an erotic massage and experience only pleasurable moments and an unforgettable experience.

Visit the Callanish Stones and it may feel like you're at Stonehenge! Dating back to 2900 BC, this is an excellent stone circle made of 13 primary monoliths between one and five metres high. It was created in the late Neolithic era, and it was a focus for ritual activity during the Bronze Age!

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