No one would be able to resist vacating to a small town with a magnificent view of the sea on holiday. A town that is settled close to a harbour can provide the ultimate relaxation that any man would look for.

However, due to the fact that there are many brilliant towns that are settled close to the sea, it can be difficult for a guy to choose which district to go to in his leisure time. Nevertheless, all of the Scottish natives would tell you that you need to visit the town of Greenock at least once in your life.

All of the local people would say this because the town is packed full of leisure areas, shopping areas and hot escorts that can provide you with the pleasure that you’re searching for!


If you have visited Glasgow and managed to see the iconic City Chambers, then you should definitely give yourself the time to go and see the Victoria Tower in Greenock since it exceeds the height of the chambers in the capital! A lot of financial issues were involved during the production of the tower which prolonged its completion date. But when it was finally completed in 1886, many locals and visitors couldn’t help but gaze at the amazing architecture that was created by Hugh Barclay.

However, not everyone likes to look at historical landmarks in their leisure time, which is why there are plenty of other activities that you can do in the district, like practising your golfing skills at the Greenock Golf Club, or indulging in some retail therapy at the Oak Mall Shopping Centre.

If there is anything that an escort in Greenlock loves, it would be shopping. Therefore, you cannot go wrong in spoiling your chosen courtesan like a princess at the centre, where you can buy her a sparkly dress or a brand-new pair of high heels. If you manage to get her exactly what she wants, she would give you a soothing massage or a kinky BDSM session at the Premier Inn; one of the best hotels to rest in the district.


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