The small town of Prestonpans is located just east of Edinburgh in the council area of East Lothian. It's known as “Scotland's Mural Town” because it has numerous wall murals illustrating its colorful past.

According to local lore, the town was founded in the 11th century by a traveler name Althamer who shipwrecked in the area. The survivors of the wreck remained, founding the settlement after Althamer, their leader. In 1184, the monks of Newbattle and Holyrood arrived and called the town Prieststown. Due to the monk's salt manufacturing work, the town's name evolved from Prieststown to Salt Preston to Prestonpans.

Now there's no more salt or mining done in the area. Today the town has grown thanks to its additions of new housing that are accommodating a need for more affordable housing in the area. The town has a thriving community spirit. All in all, this town is a terrific region to embrace the Scottish spirit, its culture and its heritage by booking the sweet, sensual companionship of beautiful escorts.

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Check out Pennypit Park and you'll have the opportunity to walk or play on one of its two sports fields. One is used for association football, while the other is used for a rugby union. You know who is a terrific work out partner? An escort in Prestonpans!

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