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12/11/2016 at 22:00
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Outcome: Completed

I arranged to see the girls together as a duo.

They gave me the number to the flat and then had me standing outside for 10 minutes. Before I got into their flat there was some trouble with a neighbour. That had me back down in the street and walking away.

Eventually one of the girls called me and persuaded me to return. 15 minutes late I eventually got into their flat. The girls are both absolutely stunning. Way more beautiful than their pictures show. They had said that I could grab a quick 5 minute shower on their time before we began.

Sadly my first threesome is not a memorable one. There was a lot of time wasting and lying around doing nothing. I had asked many times in the communication beforehand if kissing was included and each time assured it was. When I asked for it though I was told that French kissing was extra.

They kept interrupting to take calls and whatsapping. We just lay in complete silence.

I wasn't really feeling it anymore. They mid way and started making a T gesture with her hands indicating time was up. I got dressed and left.

When I got onto the street I looked at my phone to call a cab and it was 35 minutes before I was supposed to leave. So not only did I lose 15 minutes at the start, but the shower was on my time too and I was shown the door so early. I basically lost an entire hour. When I text afterwards to ask about this I got "I know, sorry" as a reply.

The best looking girls I've seen, very beautiful, but the worst experience from start to finish. I usually lie a little on these like most guys and say the girl was better than she was but the whole experience from start to finish upset me, it wasn't exactly a small amount of money I was being charged.
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